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After the Czech idea more countries could holiday in Croatia this summer Shutterstock

After the Czech idea more countries could holiday in Croatia this summer

Written by  Apr 19, 2020

Many have welcomed the possibility of the Czechs staying in the Adriatic this summer, but the development of a potential model for their arrival will only begin next week.

As already confirmed, the Minister of Tourism, Gari Cappelli, has already contacted the Czech Minister of Regional Development, Klár Dostálov, to find out more details of the Czech plan, after Prime Minister Andrej Plenković met with Czech Prime Minister Andrei Babiš on Friday.

Unofficially, it is still in the air and there is no confirmation that the initiative will really come to fruition this year, but the two countries will nevertheless have a ready-made tourism model that will be able to put into place when better epidemiological confirmations are made.

A proposal by the Czech Travel Agencies Association is to create air or road corridors between the Republic of Croatia and the Czech Republic that would allow Czechs to come to Croatia with certificates that they have not been infected with COVID-19.



"Arriving by air would be appropriate as this would have a direct connection between the Czech Republic and Croatia and avoid negotiations with other countries, but on the other hand, Czechs tend come to Croatia by car so they need to see," stated a travel expert for Jutarnji List.

However, it might not just by tourists from the Czech Republic that holiday in Croatia this year. Austrians and Hungarians could also get involved in organizing a special tourist corridor to Croatia this year, especially since both countries have a fairly good epidemiological situation.

Although as all borders are closed within the European Union, for at least the next 4 weeks, we certainly won’t be seeing tourists from any of these European countries on vacation in Croatia any time soon.

Of course all of these travel plans are still reliant on the COVID-19 pandemic remaining stable or the number of newly infected people continuing to fall. Slovenia, Germany and Hungary, where the pandemic is under control and number of new cases is falling, are also keen to find a solution and to allow their citizens to travel to Croatia this summer.

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