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Special commemorative coin to mark Croatia’s Independence

Written by  Jul 22, 2016

This year the Croatian National Bank (HNB) will issue new commemorative 25 Kunas coin on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Croatia's independence (8th October 1991 – 8th October 2016).

The new commemorative coin will be put into circulation on the 7th of October 2016. Meanwhile, the HNB has published a public-opinion poll on its website in order to invite all interested parties to include in the poll and upon their own personal criteria select the coin design which they consider to be the best.

Based on the works of the Croatian sculptor Damir Matausic, the Croatian Monetary Institute has designed three different 25 Kunas coins.

The poll results will be taken into consideration in the final decision making about the most successful coin design after which 50,000 new coins will be put into production at the Croatian Monetary Institute.

The Croatian National Bank has issued 11 series of the 25 Kunas commemorative coin so far which has numismatic value. Even though it is a commemorative coin it can also be used as means of payment.

The central Croatian bank have also issued commemorative coins of different values on several occasions such as Croatia's membership in the UN, the tenth anniversary of the international recognition of Croatia, the 500th anniversary of printing Senj glagolitic misal, Croatia's accession to the European Union etc.

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