Tuesday, 11 August 2020
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Coronavirus Croatia: 1,222 people infected with COVID-19 – 40 new cases

By  Apr 06, 2020

Over the past 24 hours a further 40 people have been infected with COVID-19 coronavirus bringing the total number of patients in the country 1,222. The Health Minister, Vili Beros, commented at the beginning of the daily press conference that unfortunately the virus had claimed another victim, meaning that sixteen people have now died due to COVID-19.

The Health Minister Vili Beros presented all the new data on the coronavirus epidemic in Croatia, adding that "One more patient has died due to coronavirus, he was a middle-aged man who was not previously ill.” The Minister also stated that 36 patients are on respirators, there are 372 hospitalized patients and 130 people have made a full recovery, which is five more than yesterday.

"In this infection, we do not save ourselves but others. And this is the essence of this solidarity. Our results are good, the line is still linear, but there is no room for relaxation. If we want this threat to last as short as possible, we must adhere to measures of protection," Beros said.


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