Saturday, 06 June 2020

Drive-through coronavirus testing opens in Zagreb

By  Apr 04, 2020

In order to test as many people in the country as possible the first drive-through coronavirus testing in Zagreb has opened this week. The Andrija Stampar Teaching Institute of Public Health based in northern Zagreb has introduced the first ever drive-in testing in Croatia with the aim of speeding up the health care system's diagnostics capacity.

"A higher rate of testing is the best method for early diagnostics and the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus, so the new way of testing at the institute, where people can drive up to the building and get tested without leaving their car, will contribute to the efforts to identify infected people as quickly as possible,” stated the Institute this week.

The drive-through testing process will mean that people will be able to give samples, through a nasal swab without having to leave their cars, the test results take on average three hours to complete. The institute added that the drive-in testing will be performed for patients referred by general practitioners, i.e. the service will not be open to the public.


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