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Samobor Castle brough back to its former glory Samobor Castle brough back to its former glory Budget Direct

VIDEO – Spectacular video reconstruction of famous Croatian castle

By  Apr 02, 2020

The built landscape of Europe has been sculpted by thousands of years of war and reconciliation. Kings and Queens, Vikings and Romans, Christians and Moors, all have built castles and forts with the strength of their workers’ hands. But over the centuries, many of these magnificent castles have fallen into ruin. Some were abandoned after suffering war damage, while others just fell out of use.




Budget Direct chose seven of the most unique ruined castles of Europe and, working with a team of designers and architects, created a series of architectural renders and reconstruction animations that bring them back to their former glory, and one of these castles is in Croatia.

The seven castles included in this project are - Samobor Castle in Croatia, Château Gaillard in France, Dunnottar Castle in Scotland, Menlo Castle in Ireland, Olsztyn Castle in Poland, Spiš Castle in Slovakia and Poenari Fortress in Romania.

As efforts to contain the effects of the COVID-19 crisis ramp up, millions of people across the globe are stuck at home. This project offers a slice of escapism and much-needed armchair travel inspiration, and this is certainly worthy of grabbing your attention.

Samobor Castle was built between 1260 and 1264 by the Czech King Ottokar II of Bohemia who was then in a war with the Hungarian King Stephen V. The castle is situated on a 220 metre hill. Over the centuries, the stone fortress, built on solid rock, has had many owners. Interestingly, some of them were often in conflict with Samobor’s residents. In 1902, the deserted castle became the property of Samobor for 5,293 korunas.



The Samobor Castle is an iconic landmark that dominates the whole area. Well done to the team at Budget Direct for these brilliant project and check out the video below to see the steps that they went through to bring this popular castle back to its former glory.

samabor castle before 2020

Samobor Castle before the reconstruction

samabor castle after 2020

And the castle returned to its former glory 

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