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Roofs damaged in Zagreb Roofs damaged in Zagreb Screenshot

VIDEO – Drone video of Zagreb shows horrific damage after earthquake

Written by  Mar 29, 2020

The earthquakes that rocked Zagreb last weekend have left scars all over the Croatian capital, and these are best seen from the air. The Croatian Army, members of the Armoured Mechanised Brigade, have been in the capital since the earthquake hit, on Sunday the 22nd of March, and have been filming and recording the city from the sky with the help of specialised drones. They have been recording (123Movies) with drones for almost 12 hours a day to get a clear picture on the damage and help form a plan for reconstruction. 

“In the first five days, it was crucial to survey all the buildings in the Zagreb area, especially the tall buildings, which suffered significant damage. In this type of reconnaissance, we have found that there are parts on the objects that have fallen off or have reached the edge of the roofs themselves and pose a great danger to citizens and all those who pass through these sites and are not visible from the ground. This information has been sent to all inter-departments so that such dangerous things can be brought under control and repaired as soon as possible," commented the Commander of the Military Intelligence Company, Major Mario Maslov.

The Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense have expressed satisfaction with the help and assistance provided by the Croatian Army in the earthquake affecting parts of Croatia using advanced technology and military capabilities.

More than 200 gigabytes of material had been collected by aerial imaging and reconnaissance by aerial systems and geo-radar.





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