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The favourite card of Croatians The favourite card of Croatians

American Express the favourite credit card of Croatians

Written by  Jul 20, 2016

The latest survey from the Credit Card Monitoring (CCM) service once again confirmed the reputation of American Express as the leading card on the Croatian credit card market.

This year's results from CCM have confirmed the position of the American Express card as the most known card in Croatia. Almost 94 per cent of the Croatian citizens have heard for or are users of this credit card. At the incentive level American Express holds firmly the highest position noting a continuous slight increase. Also at the spontaneous level it records an increase whilst the best results the American Express card achieved in the category ''Top of the Mind'' card i.e. as the first spontaneously mentioned answer which represents the most important ''brand awareness indicator''. Advertising related to the American Express brand has also significantly contributed to the high recognition of the card in comparison to other credit card brands.

A continuous improvement of the service quality and favourable terms have confirmed a very high and stable contentment of the American Express cards users who have evaluated these cards with a high average grade of 4,5 (on a scale of 1 to 5). The American Express card is a modern card with numerous benefits and it is accepted at a number of retail outlets.

The CCM results of the survey show that 6 per cent of respondents are planning to start using a new card within a year and among many credit card brands they have expressed the largest interest in the American Express cards.

Credit Card Monitoring (CCM) is a syndicated survey of the credit card market by GfK experts. This survey was carried out in March 2016 on a nationally representative sample of 1,000 Croatian citizens older than 15 years of age by a method of a personal interviewing in the households of respondents.

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