Saturday, 19 September 2020

AFTER THE EARTHQUAKE: Firefighters had over 500 interventions in Zagreb

By  The Dubrovnik Times Mar 25, 2020

Zagreb firefighters had 544 emergency interventions from Sunday morning (when there was a severe earthquake) until Wednesday at noon, participating in six direct rescue operations and extinguishing 11 fires.

Most of the interventions are about removing parts of damaged buildings, supporting walls, removing obstacles from roads and other technical interventions, the Croatian Fire Brigade Fire Operations Center reported.

In the wider Zagreb area, 98 interventions were carried out. Removing parts of buildings that threaten to fall on the road remains a priority, and a large number of structures still need to be intervened.

Croatian Fire Brigade says that all seven high-altitude vehicles of the Zagreb Public Fire Department are on the field, as well as three Elicom, ZG Holding and HEP companies, one Croatian Army vehicle and firefighters with self-help vehicles from Virovitica, Bjelovar, Slunj, Sisak, Varazdin and two teams from Karlovac.

Chief fire commander Slavko Tucakovic sent a public thank you note for participating in the earthquake affected areas to all the members of the fire brigades.

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