Saturday, 19 September 2020
Croatian footballers once again show big hearts  Croatian footballers once again show big hearts

Croatian footballers donate 4.2 million to help fight coronavirus and for Zagreb after earthquakes

By  Mar 25, 2020

Croatian national football team players and staff have raised 4.2 million Kuna to pay into accounts opened by the Croatian government on Tuesday for a joint fight against coronaviruses and for the rehabilitation of Zagreb after the series of horrific earthquakes.

"The state of emergency, caused by the coronavirus epidemic and the devastating earthquake in Zagreb, has spawned many famous and unknown heroes across the country, who show every day exceptional effort, courage and organization to successfully cope with this crisis. Therefore, in addition to a series of personal initiatives and donations, the players and the headquarters of the Croatian football team have decided to jointly raise funds to fight the coronavirus and to support the City of Zagreb, and have raised 4.2 million Kuna in the short term. The funds will be paid into two separate accounts opened today by the Croatian Government: 'Croatia against coronaviruses' and 'Together for Zagreb'. The funds will be used to rehabilitate hospitals and buy the necessary appliances, medicines and other medical supplies to combat the epidemic," the Croatian Football Association announced.

In a statement the association added that “With this action, we want to show that we are committed to supporting our people and our capital, and that together, as always, we will overcome these great challenges. We stand with all our heart at the people who have shown great courage, ability and strength in this crisis, from doctors and nurses. through firefighters, police officers, soldiers and members of the Civil Protection Staff to the people who work daily for us to live relatively normally, such as dealers, deliverers and many others. We will win the community together again."

The Croatian national team has shown many times both through public actions and also through their private initiatives far from the eyes of the public that they have a big hearts and an exceptional sense of social responsibility.



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