Friday, 04 December 2020
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382 coronavirus cases in Croatia – 16 discharged from hospital

By  Mar 24, 2020

There are currently 382 people infected with coronavirus in Croatia, with 21 new cases reported. At the regular press conference held by the Civil Protection Headquarters the Minister of Health, Vili Beros, stated that Croatia has 382 cases of coronavirus.

There is however some good news as 16 patients have been discharged from hospital. "Today's increase is 67, this is still within our forecast. I am glad that the number of cured is 16 and they were discharged. The number of those tested is 3159. The data from Italy is encouraging as well," said Beros.

Minister of the Interior, Davor Bozinovic, thanked Italy for 26 tents which, despite the difficult situation in the country, they sent to Croatia.

Asked if shops or post offices may prohibit people from entering masks without a mask, Bozinovic says there is no reason for such measures to be applied in the post office because officials are there protected behind glass or they will get masks. As for the traders who forbid entry without a mask, the minister said he would deal with each case locally.


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