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Just one of the reasons to visit Croatia Just one of the reasons to visit Croatia

The simple pleasures really are the best ones of all – BuzzFeed on Croatia

Written by  Jul 18, 2016

One of the most popular American online portals BuzzFeed, which creates articles with various topics mainly intended for social networks, once again wrote about Croatia and its beauties.

In its latest article with a headline ''24 Reasons Croatia Is The Ultimate Vacation Spot'' the BuzzFeed portal writes about Croatian beauties and gives 24 reasons for visiting Croatia in this lifetime even though most of them refers to the Adriatic coastline region.
According to the article one of the most important reasons for visiting Croatia is the clear blue sea water which owes its crystal clearness to the lack of big off shore industries. The author emphasizes that every region in Croatia is beautiful in its own way but that the region of Dalmatia is the most popular holiday destination ''....right across from Italy. It includes Dubrovnik and the surrounding islands''.

Furthermore, the author says that tourists will also find filming spots of the popular series Game of Thrones and Star Wars VIII. She hasn't missed to mention a rich history that dates back to the 2nd century BC even though she refers only to Dubrovnik.

As the fourth reason for visiting Croatia she states numerous boats and sea transport possibilities whilst ferry catamaran routes in Split and Dubrovnik coastal area she rates as one of the most favourable and most attractive.

''You can swim basically anywhere you want'', says the article adding that the Croatian coastline is full of rocky beaches with cliff jumping possibilities. Even though she never confirmed it directly, Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z decided to name their daughter Blue Ivy while they were on a holiday on the island of Hvar, states BuzzFeed.

There are lots of small alleys, so called ''kalete'', abandoned villages and ruins for those who like to explore as well as promenades and hiking spots. Croatia is the best country for bike lovers and adventurers.

''Accommodations can be pretty affordable, if you know where to look'', is on the 12th place of ''must visit Croatia'' reasons followed by the Dalmatian cuisine and various local drinks.

BuzzFeed also praises handmade souvenirs made from lavender and agave lace as well as people who are cheerful and very proud of their country.

''Croatia is home to one of the sunniest spots in Europe'', says the author referring to Hvar, whilst sunsets and dawns are perfect for taking photos of stunning nature. ''But perhaps most of all, it’s a great place to just take a deep breath of fresh air, admire the serenity and remember that sometimes, concluded the author of the BuzzFeed article.

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