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Tap water in Croatia is not safe to drink - claims British press Tap water in Croatia is not safe to drink - claims British press

Croatian tap water will give you diarrhoea – claims The Daily Mail

Written by  Jul 17, 2016

Don’t think about drinking the tap water in Croatia, unless you want to get diarrhoea, claims the British newspaper The Daily Mail. In a recent article on travel section of The Daily Mail website the newspaper insists that the Croatia is one of the countries that you shouldn’t drink the tap water. This information seems to contradict almost of all the competent institutions on the quality of water, from the European Union to the United Nations, as well as a plethora of independent sources. In an article entitled “From Spain and France to Russia and Croatia: Countries in Europe where you can drink tap water - and the places you really shouldn't,” The Daily Mail states that all of the tap water in Eastern Europe, including Croatia is not safe to drink.

Regardless of the fact that The Daily Mail is known to exaggerate the truth the fact that it is one of the most popular newspapers in Great Britain will certainly not help the tourism industry. The Daily Mail recently printed a photo of the world famous bridge in Mostar advertising holidays to Dubrovnik. However to claim that Croatian tap water isn’t safe to drink seems to pushed the bar of stupidity even higher. Not only is Croatian water completely safe to drink it is also one of the cleanest in the world. In fact Croatia has the third largest source of water in Europe per capita. And it isn’t only the tap water that is sparkling clean; the Adriatic is also one of the cleanest in the world. According to the annual European Environment Agency report, the sea bathing water quality at Croatian beaches was rated as one of the best in Europe.

And as the website for the non-profit organization Revolve Water states “Croatia is still one of the only countries in Europe to have a supply of good tap water for drinking.” Our advice is to ignore The Daily Mail and continue to enjoy one of the cleanest drinking waters in the world, in Croatia.

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