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Customer service in Croatia slowly improves Customer service in Croatia slowly improves

Croatian service quality improving

Written by  Jul 15, 2016

According to a survey of quality service carried out by Heraklea from the 13th of May till the 15th of June, among the six countries in the region of the former Yugoslavia, Croatia placed as the second behind Slovenia.

In order to find the best in the region the mystery shopping agency Heraklea in cooperation with mystery shopping agencies in the region, carried out a survey on the five basic elements of quality service known as GUEST (Greet, Understand, Explain, Suggest, Thanks) i.e. greeting customers, identifying customers' needs or desires, product knowledge, offering additional products and thanking for a visit.

The survey included Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia. Mystery shoppers visited around 800 different facilities such as banks, petrol stations, retail stores, supermarkets, car dealerships, tourist and hospitality objects and other services.

This year Croatia positioned itself in second place among the five other countries following Slovenia with a total score of 81 percent and the best quality service in the region. Slovenia took the top place in the categories of “thanks” and offering additional products, while in the category of product knowledge it shared first place with Croatia.

Considering the fact that greeting is the first contact with customers or guests then it is even more significant that Croatia came top in this category.

In the category of greeting customers Croatia took the first place with a score of 87 percent whilst in the category of identifying customers needs and desires Macedonia scored the best.

According to the final results of the survey, Slovenia is the leading country in the region with the best quality service (81%). Croatia achieved above average results of 79 percent which is a significant improvement by 8 per cent in comparison with 2015. Croatia was followed by Serbia (68%), Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (66% both) and Montenegro with only 63 percent.

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