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Nine cases in Croatia Nine cases in Croatia Pixabay

Ninth case of coronavirus in Croatia confirmed

Written by  Mar 03, 2020

The ninth case of coronavirus in Croatia was confirmed this morning.

The latest case is a truck driver from Varaždin in northern Croatia and is the first case that isn’t in either Zagreb or Rijeka. According to reports the ninth victim of coronavirus in Croatia is a truck driver who drove between Croatia and Italy.

There are five cases of coronavirus in Rijeka, all from the same family, and three in Zagreb, and all of the cases so far have been with adults.

"The epidemiological situation in Croatia is still calm and under control. I am more concerned about the situation in Italy, where 342 new cases have been reported today, and that is what we will focus on," said the Health Minister Vili Beros, who headed for Varazdin where he should be at 11 o'clock today. 


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