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Student walks 100 metres underwater and enters Guinness Book of Records

Written by  Mar 02, 2020

Just try and hold your breath whilst reading this article! A student from Split has entered the Guinness Book of Records after amazingly walking 100 metres underwater! Boris Milosic (23), a student of the Faculty of Kinesiology in Split, incredibly spent 3 minutes and 36 seconds underwater to walk the 100 metres at the bottom of a swimming pool in Kastela.

He walked the bottom of the pool in one breath, breaking the record, which was 78 metres for men and 81.60 for women.

According to reports Boris, who was born in Austria, fell in love with the sea, and especially diving as a boy. He is a member of the Split diving club, and last year he also won the world record in the junior Bi-fins discipline, that is, diving with two fins, when he plunged 234 metres in one breath in four minutes.


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