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Over half of people with coronavirus in Croatia from same family

Written by  Mar 02, 2020

The five people from Rijeka who have been confirmed as infected with the coronavirus are all members of the same family, stated the County Administration at a news conference, adding that all of the infected people are adults.

There are currently eight people in Croatia who have the coronavirus, five in Rijeka and three in Zagreb.

Three of the patients in Rijeka are housed at the Rijeka Infectious Disease Clinic, whilst the other two are self-contained at home and are being kept under surveillance and are in contact with epidemiologist.

According to reports in the media the first patient in Rijeka had returned home from working in Parma, Italy. And it appears that both his wife and brother-in-law contracted the virus from him. The other two family members to contract coronavirus were his daughters-in-law and they are believed to be between 20 and 30 years old.


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