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Eight cases of coronavirus in Croatia Eight cases of coronavirus in Croatia Pixabay

Eighth case of coronavirus confirmed in Croatia

Written by  Mar 02, 2020

Eight cases of coronavirus have now been confirmed in Croatia with news this morning of another case in Rijeka. So far five coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Rijeka and three in the capital, Zagreb.

It is believed that this latest case in Rijeka is connected to a person who came into contact with someone who already had the virus in Rijeka.

The Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia stated this morning that “From the Dr. Fran Mihaljević Infectious Diseases Clinic in Zagreb, another infected person has been confirmed, which means that eight patients have been confirmed so far in the Republic of Croatia.”

All the patients in Croatia are in good and stable health condition.

The Civil Protection Headquarters yesterday also issued a strong recommendation to health care providers and staff to delay the provision of health tourism services to persons coming from coronavirus affected areas in the next month to prevent the risk of possible spread. The recommendation relates to the provision of dental health services and spas, since many people come to Croatia from Italy, which has 1,128 cases of coronavirus.