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Octopus salad a must try Octopus salad a must try

When in Croatia eat like a Croatian

Written by  Jul 15, 2016

More praise for the Croatian tourism industry are flooding in from all around the globe. The international media cannot stop marveling at Croatia especially its Adriatic region and Croatian cuisine as one of the best and healthiest in the world.

The popular portal BuzzFeed, a media company from New York, has published a list of food and drinks that guests to Croatia definitely have to try when they arrive in the country. According to the BuzzFeed list here are some of the popular Croatian dishes and drinks guests should taste:

- octopus

- oysters

- seafood risotto

- cheese

- olive oil

- handmade pasta

- local wine and spirits

- rozata

- almond cake

- Bosnian specialties like cevapi and burek.

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