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Former Croatian President gets new office Facebook - Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic

Former Croatian President gets new office

By  Feb 20, 2020

The former Croatian President, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, had requested an office when she left her position as the leading politician after losing the Presidential elections, and she has got her way after the Croatian government granted her wishes. On Thursday the government passed a decision to grant Grabar-Kitarovic the use of a state-owned villa in Zagreb which she will use as her office in the future.

Apart from the office, Grabar-Kitarovic was also given the right to a car, a driver, and two staffers, with all the office expenses paid for by the government, reports the state agency HINA.

And the Minister for State Property, Mario Banozic, commented that “Most probably, it will be one section of the building, covering about one hundred square meters, which can be physically separated from the rest of the residence.”

According to Croatian law, any former president can ask for a state-funded office. The only former head of state who used this right so far was Stjepan Mesic, who served in 2000-10. After stepping down, he moved into a state-owned house in Grskoviceva Street which was converted into his office.


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