Sunday, 05 April 2020

In five months 139 driver's licenses permanently revoked in Croatia

By  HINA Feb 20, 2020

Ever since the stricter Road Traffic Safety Act was implemented this summer, the number of drivers whose driver's license was permanently revoked has jumped significantly - Vecernji list reports.

During the from August to the end of December, 139 drivers lost their license in Croatia. To compare, during the first seven months of last year, the license was taken from 106 drivers in our country, according to the Ministry of the Interior data.

This is the result, in the first place, of a stricter law, which makes drivers collect negative traffic points faster and easier, but also the placement of cameras and greater controls on the roads. Drivers often lost their license because they were either drunk or squeezed the accelerator pedal too much.

As before, the driver's license is taken from the driver who has accumulated 12 negative offense points within two years. For young drivers this limit is lower and is 9 points.

They can take the driving test again only two years after the driver's license is terminated, and after they have received training at a driving school.

For those who drove although they never got the license, it obviously can't be confiscated. However, if such drivers accumulate 9 negative points in two years, they are prohibited from applying for a driving license for two years.

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