Sunday, 29 March 2020
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Radio still popular as a media in Croatia

By  Feb 19, 2020

When compared with newspapers, TV and magazines, the radio industry is a media that is still holding its position on the market and proving popular with the public. And although newspaper circulation is falling drastically across the country the number of radio stations has remained solid and in fact across the European Union is one of the leaders.

In 2009 there 192 radio stations in Croatia whilst in 2017 this number had dropped to 157, and 904 people were employed in the radio industry. In 2017 Croatia was in ninth position as to the number of radio stations.

In the European Union in 2017 Spain had the largest number of radio stations with a massive 963 stations, followed by Italy 720 and Greece with 622. Whilst at the other end of the scale Slovakia has only 16 radio stations, Estonia 10 and Luxembourg only 6 different stations.

Taking into account member state population size, the number of radio broadcasting enterprises per million inhabitants also differs greatly between EU Member States. The highest ratios were recorded in Slovenia (76 radio broadcasting enterprises per million inhabitants), followed by Greece (58), Cyprus (43), Croatia (38), Hungary (32) and Portugal (28), while the lowest ones were observed in Germany, Poland, and Slovakia with 3 radio broadcasting enterprises per million inhabitants.

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