Sunday, 29 March 2020

Zoran Milanovic inaugurated as the fifth Croatian President

By  Feb 18, 2020

Zoran Milanovic is an official President of Croatia. Milanovic made an oath before the President of the Constitutional Court, Miroslav Separovic, as the fifth President of the Republic of Croatia, pledging his allegiance to the Constitution.

-I swear by my honor that I will perform the duty of the President of the Republic of Croatia conscientiously and responsibly, for the benefit of the Croatian people and all Croatian citizens. As the Croatian head of state, I will abide by the Constitution and the law, take care of respecting the constitutional order of the Republic of Croatia, watch over the orderly and fair operation of all bodies of state power, preserve the independence, existence and uniqueness of the Republic of Croatia. That's how God helped me. So help me God - Milanovic swore in a ceremony, holding his hand at the Constitution. He then swore an oath and then addressed the public.

An official party for the guests followed, and then Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, now ex-president and Milanovic went to the President's Office to hand over their duties.

Milanovic then escorted Grabar-Kitarovic to the main entrance, marking the end of her duty.

President Milanovic's duty begins tomorrow, when he will sign the first decisions on appointing people to be part of his cabinet.
The inauguration took place at the Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia. This is a break from tradition as normally Croatian presidents are inaugurated in the St. Mark’s Square in the centre of Zagreb. It also included a smaller number of guests, and the Croatian national anthem was sung by famous Croatian singer Josipa Lisac.

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