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Beach football in Split Beach football in Split Screenshot

VIDEO - Beach football in Split as mild winter on Croatian coastline brings bright sunshine

By  Feb 15, 2020

“If this is winter then what will summer look like,” commented on local of the Old City of Dubrovnik today as warm sunshine poured down on the stone façades and clear blue skies brought a bright day with temperatures in the high teens. Whilst large parts of Europe, especially northern Europe, are fighting storms and freezing temperatures the whole of the Dubrovnik region has had an extremely mild winter.

And is clearly isn’t only Dubrovnik that is soaking up the Vitamin D. Today one the most famous beach in Split, the Bacvice beach, an informal match of five-a-side football broke out on the sand. These games continue through most of the year, weather permitting, and today was clearly a great day for beach football.

Zlatan Leko caught the action from the Bacvice beach today and it certainly shows the mild weather that the Croatian coast is enjoying.

Check out the video below