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New Croatian souvenir New Croatian souvenir

Colours of Croatia – a memento of your visit

Written by  Jul 13, 2016

The travel planner ''Colours of Croatia – a memento of your visit'' is a new and unique tourist product on the market which aims to position itself as a part of the premium tourist souvenir offer.

This diary consists of a personal annual planner and a travel planner, as it contains pages like a list of locations to visit, a list of things to do or try in Croatia and a travel diary by date and location.

Turning the pages of this interesting souvenir diary actually represents a journey through Croatia from the southernmost region of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County to the eastern region of Slavonia. The most interesting and the most important Croatian sites are presented in this planner which also aims to encourage users’ interest in a particular location and invite them to explore it even further in order to learn more about the tourist locations in Croatia.

The identity of this product was designed by a combination of a rich colour palette, cubes as elements of the national identity and illustrations of certain specific locations. The colouring represents colours, tastes and scents of the Mediterranean and the continental Croatia whilst the planner itself represents Croatia through attractive photos and graphics in a modern and emotional way.

Guiding users on a journey through Croatia's most important locations all different “colours” that may be encountered along the way are presented in this diary - from the stunning nature, a remarkable cultural and historical heritage to gastronomy.

The travel organizer ''Colours of Croatia – a memento of your visit'' is designed for tourist's personal use or as a perfect holiday gift to someone who is only considering Croatia as a desirable destination worth a visit. This unique product and a souvenir is interesting not only to tourists but to all Croatian citizens who look for an attractive planner for personal use and to all of those who would like to learn more about Croatia.