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Adoption of the euro would have multiple benefits for the country - Croatian Central Bank Governor

By  HINA Feb 08, 2020

Positive economic trends on Croatia's labour market are continuing, with increase in employment and wages, the central bank's governor, Boris Vujcic, said while presenting his report on monetary policy in 2018-19 to Parliament on Wednesday.

"We also saw increased personal spending which led to GDP growth of 3.1 percent, while the positive effects on exports after Croatia's accession to the EU decreased, as expected," Vujcic said.

He added that the central bank is pursuing an expansionary monetary policy, also focusing on securing liquidity on the capital market and maintaining exchange rate stability. Interest rates have dropped to record lows, while international reserves are at their historically highest levels.

"Croatia is a highly 'euroised' country, and the adoption of the euro would have multiple benefits for the country," Vujcic said.


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