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Good Riddance error produces creative new advertising campaign

By  Feb 07, 2020

Creativity is the key to marketing and this billboard advert in Zagreb certainly shows some thinking outside of the box. Croatia’s last message to Britain on leaving the European Union with Brexit was indeed “Good Riddance,” however it was a little bit lost in translation and context.

Irena Andrassy, the Croatian EU Ambassador, told her British counterpart, Sir Tim Barrow, “Thank you, goodbye and good riddance.” The message was allegedly made as a joke, and lost a little in translation, was the final message from the EU to the UK as Brexit came into force and the UK left the union after with 27 members.

Sir Tim, at least according to reports, took the remark in good humour and the Finacial Times reported that “The Brits saw the funny side and understood how it was meant.”

And now one institution has taken this gaffe to a new level by making a billboard advert from the line “Good Riddance.” The American Institute in Zagreb are the culprits of the humorous marketing idea which features not only the infamous quote but also a rather unflattering photo of the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and the line “Rid yourself of bad English,” as an advert for their English language courses.

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