Friday, 03 July 2020
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Two in three Croatians would swap their petrol cars for more ecologically friendly option

By  HINA Feb 06, 2020

Two in three Croatians said they would consider switching from petrol-fuelled vehicles to using alternatives, a recent survey on the future of transport by the car tyre manufacturer Goodyear showed.

Goodyear released results of an online poll on Thursday, which was conducted in Slovenia and Croatia via Facebook's instant messaging app Messenger. The survey covered some 1,800 Croatians and nearly 1,000 Slovenians and was held between October and December last year.

When asked whether they would be inclined to start using alternatives to the usual petrol-fuelled vehicles, 34 percent agreed and said they would opt for purely electric vehicles, another 31 percent also agreed and said they would choose hybrid vehicles, while the remaining 35 said they still preferred petrol cars.

However, in spite of the significant support for alternatives vehicles, and the fact that it is home to Rimac Automobili, an electric hypercar maker, the sales of alternative vehicles are famously low in Croatia.

In spite of subsidies and free charging, only 0.2 percent of nearly 59,000 new cars sold in the country in 2018 were electrics or hybrids, putting it among bottom three EU countries in terms of popularity of alternative vehicles, along with Poland and Latvia.


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