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German retail store DM permanently pulls disposable plastic shopping bags DM

German retail store DM permanently pulls disposable plastic shopping bags

By  Feb 01, 2020

From today the 1st of February, the retail store DM permanently remove disposable plastic bags from their offer to encourage customers to live more sustainably and to contribute to environmental protection. DM offers customers different types of durable shopping bags as a replacement for plastic bags.

"At DM, we always act on the principles of social responsibility and strive to respond to the real needs of the communities in which we live and work. As a leader in the field of sustainable practices and the largest drugstore chain in Croatia, DM has a responsibility and a strong desire to contribute to a more sustainable future. Therefore, we have made the decision to completely remove the disposable plastic shopping bags from our range. DM shops in Croatia are visited daily by more than 86,000 people and we are firmly convinced that we can be a driver of positive change in society and encourage a large number of people to reflect on their environmental impact, change their habits and stop using plastic bags," commented Gordana Picek, a member of the Board of Directors of DM.

Instead of plastic bags, DM offers alternative solutions, such as paper bags made of at least 85 percent brown recycled paper and durable PET bags made from recycled PET bottles. Both options are certified by the "Blue Angel". DM also offers reusable polyester shopping bags, as well as DM's durable bags made of "fair trade" certified bio cotton, which customers at DM can replace for free with new ones in the event of wear and tear.

The complete elimination of disposable plastic bags from the supply is another step by which DM continues to invest in the development of its range and business processes in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.


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