Tuesday, 07 April 2020
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Message in a bottle for “pirates” washes up on Croatian island beach

By  Jan 29, 2020

It sounds like a Sting song, message in a bottle. On the Croatian island of Vis a young boy found just that whilst playing on the beach. The bottle washed up on the beach and contained a message addressed to “Pirates.” Filip Bozic, aged 8, discovered the bottle and to his surprise found a handwritten message inside that read “Pirates – I wish you happy journeys from Mia from Croatia.”

The message was dated the 10th of January a full 15 days after Filip found the bottle on the island of Vis. It appears that the message was posted in the bottle by two sisters, Mia and Matea from Kastel Novi around 80 kilometres from Vis, but so far the sisters haven’t come forward.


Message in a bottle - Photo http://www.kastela.org/


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