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Croatians are the third worse nation in the EU when it comes to paying bills on time

By  Jan 21, 2020

As many as 17.5 Croatian households are unable to pay their bills on time, according to a 2018 Eurostat analysis – reports. There are only two nations that are 'worse': Bulgarians, whose 30.1 percent of households are unable to pay their bills, and Greeks who are at the top with 35.6 percent of households with that problem.

The Dutch are the most liquid, with only 1.5 percent of households having problems paying their bills on time. Czechs are not that far with 2.1 percent, as well as the Swedes and Austrians with just over two percent of those who are problematic.

Germany, Luxembourg and Portugal follow. The nations with two-digit problems, in addition to those on top are Hungarians, Latvians, Cypriots, Slovenes and Romanians – writes.