Thursday, 29 October 2020
is Croatia really vegan friendly? is Croatia really vegan friendly?

Its Veganuary! - Croatia on list of most vegan friendly countries in the world

By  Jan 21, 2020

It is Veganuary and time to celebrate all things vegan. Croatia has just finished on a list of the top vegan friendly countries in the world, in a very healthy 30 position.

In the new year, hundreds of thousands of people take part in Veganuary. This is when, during the month of January, people try to convert to a vegan diet to test the waters, sometimes even make a complete change to their lifestyle. The idea is for people curious in the diet to try it out and decide whether it’s something they can continue to do throughout the year.

“During Veganuary, we have researched which countries around the world are the best for vegans based on factors such as number of vegan restaurants, popularity of veganism, and animal welfare. Ranking as the most vegan-friendly is Thailand with an incredible choice of 334 different vegan restaurants and generally a low meat, milk and egg consumption,” stated the Hotel Follower who carried out the rankings.

is croatia really vegan friendly

Croatia ranks as the 30th most vegan-friendly country. The other most vegan-friendly countries include: South Korea, Taiwan, Canada and Malaysia.

Croatia’s ranking could have been better if there were more vegan restaurants in the country. Generally, Croatians have been relatively slow to realise that a large proportion of tourists who visit every summer are vegan, and therefore looking for vegan restaurants. Out of a possible 10 points for restaurants in the country, Croatia only scored 4 points.


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