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Most divorces in Croatia happen between fourth and fifth year of marriage

By  Jan 16, 2020

Demographers from the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb have come to the surprising realization that the couples with low education in Croatia are increasingly divorcing, and warned that this could further expose their members to social inequalities – writes.

The results of a study published in the new issue of the Journal of Social Policy are unexpected because divorces are still less frequent in Croatia than in most European countries, including former socialist countries, and because polls confirm that Croatia is a predominantly conservative European society in which favor has been maintained to traditional forms of life in family and marriage, it is emphasized.

Demographers from the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb, Petra Medimurec and Ivan Cipin, undertook a survey of individual data from vital statistics on married and divorced marriages from 1989 to 2014. From them, they kept only data on couples in their first marriage, and any observations were followed from the wedding to the divorce or until the twentieth anniversary of the marriage, whichever of the two had happened before.

Among those couples, 44,336 divorced by the end of 2014 and before the twentieth anniversary of their marriage, according to the Journal of Social Policy - writes.

It is immediately apparent that the divorce risk baseline has a typical ascending and descending trajectory, the authors say, explaining that divorces are rarer during the first year of marriage, after which their number increases and peaks between the fourth and fifth years of marriage and then gradually declines.

Most marriages were divorced between the third and fifth years after marriage, 8123, and between the seventh and tenth years of marriage, 8021. By calendar, most divorces occurred between 2001 and 2008, 17,195 of them, it is said in the research.

The most divorced are husbands under 25, 17,454 of them, and women between the ages of 20 and 24, a total of 20,289 women, according to the survey.

Viewed by education class, the most divorced spouses are those with high school: 32,816 husbands and 30,580 women.

Divorces are attracted to researchers primarily because of the negative consequences they bring on spouses, especially their children, and they most strongly affect those with limited socioeconomic resources, the authors point out and conclude that in this case, the link between education and divorce can become one of the mechanisms of dissemination and reproduction. social inequalities – writes.

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