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Croatia loses half a million workers in ten years

Written by  Jan 16, 2020

“In the last ten years, from 2008 to 2018, Croatia has lost 500,000 workers,” said Davorko Vidović, from the Croatian Chamber of Economy.

According to Vidovic, out of a total of half a million workers, as many as 200,000 employees left work through natural causes, either through aging or retirement, whilst a further 300,000 left Croatia in the wave of migration to other EU countries in search of a brighter future.

The private sector has also been warning that the situation has been alarming for some time, and the biggest problem arises precisely during the tourist season. To stop this negative trend, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce has announced the abolition of quotas for foreign workers.

Around 40,000 foreigners worked in Croatia last year, while a total of 65,000 permits were issued.


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