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A new 25 Kuna coin A new 25 Kuna coin Croatian National Bank

Special coin minted to mark Croatia's presidency of the Council of Europe

Written by  Jan 16, 2020

To mark Croatia’s presidency of the Council of the European Union 2020, the Croatian National Bank released yesterday, the 15th of January, a special commemorative coin to the value of 25 Kuna.

The author of the conceptual and artistic design of the new commemorative 25 Kuna coin is academic sculptor Damir Mataušić, and the authors of the official logo "Typographical chessboard" used on the face of the new coin are Iva Primorac, Stipe Brčić and Marija Juza.

Only 30,000 25 Kuna coins have been minted and the new commemorative coin was forged at the Croatian Monetary Institute.

If you are interested in purchasing the new 25 Kuna coin the sales opened yesterday through the website of the Croatia National Bank.


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