Saturday, 11 July 2020

Croatia ranks third across Europe for rise in property prices

By  Jan 13, 2020

Prices per square metre of apartments in Croatia increased by an average of 10 percent last year, which ranked Croatia third in Europe in Europe in terms of rising real estate prices. The most expensive property prices last year across the country were in Dubrovnik, followed by Split and Zagreb. With the cheapest in Vukovar, Sisak and Slavonski Brod. And the property prices across the country, especially in the capital, are expected to rise this year as well.

Croatia, after Hungary and Luxembourg, has seen the largest rise in real estate prices across Europe. In 2018, there were more than 100,000 property transactions in the country and the forecast shows that this trend doesn’t look like slowing down this year.

Zagreb, as the capital and most economically developed centre, is proving to be a magnet for investment in the real estate market. Residential construction boomed last year. Thousands of apartments are currently being built in Zagreb to keep up with the demand. The investment boom has raised prices to more than 2,000 Euros per square metre in the capital. And as tourism is gaining pace in Zagreb many investors have bought to rent.


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