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Animal rights association back ban of fireworks in Croatia

By  Jan 12, 2020

The association Animal Friends Croatia have welcomed the proposed amendments to legislation regulating the use of explosive substances and weapons whereby a total ban on firecrackers would be imposed.

The association commented that the ban has been long-awaited by the majority of citizens, and underscores that so far it has collected as many as 30,000 signatures for its online petition for the prohibition of firecrackers and pyrotechnic substances throughout the year.

The association says that its efforts to have the year-round ban have been supported by five ministries, the ministries of education, tourism, health, economy and agriculture.

Currently, certian kinds of firecrackers can be used during the Christmas and New Year's festivities.

This year, 14 people, including six children, sustained injuries in firework explosions during the period of festivities.


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