Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Firecrackers to be completely banned in Croatia

By  Jan 10, 2020

Croatian Ministry of the Interior launched a public debate on amendments to the Law on Explosive Substances and Production and Traffic of Weapons, according to which it would be completely forbidden to use all kinds of firecrackers throughout the year, even during Christmas and New Year holidays – Jutarnji list reports.

Two years ago, the law was made stricter and it eliminated firecrackers from the so-called F 3 categories and only firecrackers and regulars with lower F2 shooting intensity remained on sale. Under the new changes to the law, they will now be banned to citizens, while other pyrotechnic items of categories F2 and F3, those used for small fireworks, would still be allowed to be sold to citizens over 18 years of age from December 15st to January 1st and will be allowed to be used between December 27th and January 1st.

Those who break these rules will be fined in accordance with the law. As a result, legal entities selling firecrackers will be fined between 10 and 30 thousand kuna, and persons who purchase, possess or use firecrackers of the above categories will be fined from 5 to 15 thousand kuna.

Those who use pyrotechnics in areas where large numbers of citizens congregate will be punished, unless they are F1 pyrotechnics, including sprinklers, fountains and volcanoes.

The reason for the new law suggestion is the protection of life and health of people, especially children, and the reduction of the number of fatal and injured animals, the Ministry of the Interior states in its explanation, as the Jutarnji list reports.

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