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Only one Ferrari sold in Croatia last year

By  Jan 08, 2020

A total of 62,938 new passenger vehicles were sold in Croatia last year, which is an increase of 4.8 percent compared to 2018, while 4022 new cars were sold in December alone, an increase of a significant 66.7 percent compared to December 2018 – writes, according to the data of the agency Promocija plus.

Volkswagen had the best sales by far with 8481 new cars sold, accounting for 13.5 percent of total sales. In the second place is Skoda, a member of the same concern, which sold 5873 vehicles and holds a 9.3 percent share, while the third is Renault with 5807 vehicles or 9.2 percent. Opel sold 5291 vehicles (8.4 percent of the market) last year, and Renault's subsidiary Dacia sold 3,685 new cars (5.8 percent share).

Suzuki is in sixth place (3670), followed by Peugeot (3584), Hyundai (3171), Fiat (2678), while the tenth is Toyota (2605 cars sold). Audi ended the year with the sale of 1656 new cars, BMW with 1459, and Mercedes with 1252. The statistics of the Promocija plus show that 201 Land Rover, 115 Porsche, 48 Jaguars and 47 Infiniti models were also sold last year. Five Maserati, three Bentley's and one Ferrari, 30 Lexus and 29 Tesla models were also sold – writes. 

Last year, Croatian buyers mostly chose Skoda Octavia, which was chosen by 3320 people. The Renault Clio ranks second best-selling with sales of 2347 units, the third being the 'everlasting' VW Golf (2304). The Suzuki Vitara sold well last year as well, the fourth most sold in 1762, the fifth being Dacia Duster (1586).

According to cities and counties, the most new vehicles were sold in the Zagreb area - 24,237 or 38.5 percent, the second is the Split-Dalmatia County with 4631 vehicles sold, followed by Istria (4557). The least cars were sold in Koprivnica-Krizevci County with 577 new vehicles sold, Virovitica-Podravina (261) and Lika-Senj County with 249 cars sold.