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Croatian motives can be seen all over Brussels!

By  Jan 08, 2020

The Croatian National Tourist Board is conducting a major promotional outdoor advertising campaign in Brussels commemorating the start of Croatia's presidency of the Council of the European Union. During January and mid-February, public transport, buses, trams, the airport and the most frequent and representative city locations in Brussels will be full of Croatia's motives, all with the aim of further emphasizing that the youngest, but also the most beautiful member is taking over the EU presidency for the first time.

-The Croatian Presidency of the EU Council is an ideal opportunity for further promotion of our country, so before the very beginning of the Presidency we started this campaign that we believe will have positive promotional effects. We also support the timing of the campaign, which fits in perfectly with the Belgian "tourist" calendar, as market research by the association of Belgian tour operators ABTO shows that guests from Belgium most often book their holidays between December and February – the Director of the Croatian Tourist Board Kristjan Stanicic emphasized, adding that more than 220 thousand arrivals and almost one million overnight stays were made in Croatia from the Belgian market last year.

As part of the Brussels campaign, there are 25 buses and trams on which citizens of the EU capital and numerous visitors can see Croatia's motives with a focus on the nautical tourism product. Advertising activities are also carried out through large posters located at the Brussels subway stations, in the city center and in the so-called "European Neighborhood", in selected attractive city locations and through large digital screens positioned at the most frequent locations within the Brussels airport, with over 26 million passengers annually.

The positive results of the promotional campaign are also highlighted by Ivan Novak, Director of the Croatian Tourist Bord Representative Office for the Benelux Countries. -We represent our country as a highly desirable tourist destination for the one million inhabitants of the Belgian capital, employees of numerous international institutions such as the EU, NATO and Eurocontrol, representatives of more than one thousand international associations and lobbying offices and employees of international corporations. We will also include over 350 thousand Belgians commuting to Brussels every day, as well as some of the almost 4 million business and tourist visitors who visit this city on an average year – Novak said.