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Music festivals up and down the Croatian coastline Music festivals up and down the Croatian coastline

Is Croatia the new Ibiza?

Written by  Jul 08, 2016

For many years Ibiza has had a monopoly in the tourism industry targeting party people, but recently Croatia has managed to find its place in the festival tourism scene offering 20 such events a year.

''In recent years Croatia has improved its infrastructure; Airbnb is growing very fast and is a real hit in Croatia. On the other hand, the Croatian 1,700 kilometres long coastline is a perfect guarantee for a great summer vacation. Thanks to all this and to numerous summer festivals, the Adriatic coastline in Croatia has become a real magnet for tourists who used to go to the Balearic Islands'', reported the London Evening Standard.

One example of the booming summer festival in Croatia is on the small island of Obonjan in the Sibenik-Knin County with a program that offers a combination of live music and a variety of wellness – from yoga to visits to natural and cultural beauties.
''Music is only a small part of the experience. Our intention is to offer our visitors a unique experience that is completely different from other festivals or summer vacations. As most people work full time and do not have time for rest and relaxation, this island offers its guests every possible way to reduce their stress and forget about their problems– from entertainment to wellness'', says Nikola Busljeta, one of the festival founders.

Many festivals in Croatia are taking advantage of the cultural heritage as a part of the scenery which impresses visitors. Some festivals like Sonus on the island of Pag, which is a relatively short festival is held in the open on boats. There is no doubt that Croatia is becoming one of the favourite destinations of European summer tourism.

This year the Ultra Europe Croatia will be a seven-day event organized along the Adriatic coastline. It starts in Split and then moves to Brac, Hvar and finishes on the island of Vis.

''Croatia is one of the European destinations which we have considered suitable for creating something unique and original'', said Russell Faibisch the co-founder and the president of the Ultra Enterprise.

Favourable trends in the tourism industry have become even better since Croatia entered the European Union which can be best seen in Zagreb and on the island of Pag. The Croatian summer clubs stay open longer than the clubs on Ibiza.

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