Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Two international airlines show interest in purchasing Croatia Airlines

By  Dec 30, 2019

Croatia’s national airline could soon find itself in Greek or Spanish ownership. The ailing airline has been financially propped by the government for years but now Greece’s Aegean Airlines and Spain’s Air Nostrum have both submitted bids for the acquisition of Croatia Airlines.

Croatia Airlines, which would have collapsed years ago without the financial support of the government, has been losing money for years and even the introduction of new flights and new routes hasn’t helped the situation. The government had decided to finally privatise, or partially privatise, the airline and asked for bids by June of 2020. These two offers, from Aegean Airlines and Air Nostrum, are the first to be received and now they will be analysed.

This isn’t the first time that Aegean Airlines has shown an interest in purchasing a stake of the Croatian national airline, as back in 2015 they showed interest. And according to the specialised website, EX-YU Aviation, the Spanish carrier has also had close business links as they have been wet-leasing aircraft to Croatia Airlines for the past three years.


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