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One Croatian family spends on food as two families in Ireland

By  Dec 29, 2019

One Croatian family spends equal amount of money on food as two families in Ireland, according to Eurostat data on the share of food and non-alcoholic beverages in total household consumption and the movement of that share over the past decade – Slobodna Dalmacija reports. 

Last year, Croatian families spent on food a 18.8 percent of total consumption, and the European average is 12 percent. Croatia is the fifth country with the highest share of cost to meet basic living needs, such as food and drink. In Irish households, 8.7 percent of total consumption goes on food and drink, and even less, only 7.8 percent in the UK.

British citizens spend the least on food in the whole European Union, while Romanian households "eat" as much as 27.8 percent of total consumption – Slobodna Dalmacija writes. As Eurostat also released data on the share of nutrition in last year's household consumption in Montenegro, where 24.8 percent of household income goes to food and drink, Serbia spends 24.2 percent and Turkey 21.2 percent, it turns out that Romania is lagging behind those countries too.

Seven billion euros were spent by Croatian households on food and non-alcoholic beverages last year, an increase of 540 million euros from pre-crisis 2008, when the share of nutrition in total consumption was 19.2 percent.

In one decade, Croatia has reduced its share of nutrition by two percent to the current 18.8 percent, whichis the same proportion as in the year before last.

While developed and wealthy countries spend less on food, compared to poorer countries. Romanian households spend almost 28 percent of their total income on food, followed with Lithuania, Bulgaria, Estonia and Croatia. The countries that spend te least amount on food and drink are the United Kingdom, Ireland, Luxembourg, Austria and Germany – Slobodna Dalmacija reports. 

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