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Jenna Ezarik in Croatia Jenna Ezarik in Croatia

Video blogger Jenna Ezarik visits Croatia

Written by  Jul 07, 2016

Jenna Ezarik one of the most famous YouTube bloggers in the world, with more than 40,000 followers on YouTube in addition to 283,000 followers on Instagram, so her audience is a pretty big crowd, reported

Ezarik, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, travels, records, comments and finally recommends the most interesting places worth visiting in the world.

Four days ago she arrived in Croatia from Italy and today she has announced a 6 and a half minute video about the beauty of the karst waterfalls in the National Park Krka and the city of Split.

''This is the most divine place I have ever been to'', she didn't hide her delight shooting the waterfalls with her GoPro camera.

Compliments for Croatia are coming thick and fast from all over the world, see what this famous blogger has to say about the natural beauties of Croatia in her latest video.

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