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New Year's Eve all over Croatia: these are the performers and their prices

By  The Dubrovnik Times Dec 28, 2019

The capital city of Croatia, Zagreb, will welcome New Year 2020 with Novi fosili and Prljavo kazaliste and according to Index.hr, this is the most expensive New Yea'rs Eve in Croatia, worth 700 thousand kuna. 

The citizens of Split and their guests will be entertained by vocal group Intrade and Tomislav Bralic and Jelena Rozga, and the cost of organizing the party is estimated at half a million kuna.

Rijeka will celebrate the craziest night of the year with Nikolina Tomljanovic from the group ENI, Nina Badric and Dubioza kolektiv, which will cost around 400 thousand kuna – Index.hr reports.

The citizens of Osijek will be entertained by Opca opasnost, who will be paid 50 thousand kuna, which doesn't sound a lot compared to others.
Severina and DJ Stanko Bondza will sing in Porec and the city will pay it around 462,000 kuna.

Petar Graso performs in Mali Losinj, Gibonni in Rovinj and Tony Cetinski on Rab.

Dubrovnik will enter the new year with Parni valjak and Mia Dimsic, which will cost half a million kuna – Index.hr writes.

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