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The export of Croatian sparkling wines grows

By  Dec 27, 2019

The production and export of sparkling wine is continuously increasing, so in the first nine months of this year, the export of sparkling wine exceeded the dana of entire last year in total. From January to September this year, 476 hectoliters were exported, and a total of 441 hectoliters was exported last year, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce announced on Friday.

-The production of local sparkling wines is constantly growing, as is the export. More and more sparkling wines are made from indigenous Croatian varieties, and their quality is recognized in the most demanding markets. Therefore, with relatively small quantities, we achieve good prices and hope that this trend will continue in the future – it's said in the press release, by the Assistant Director of Agriculture, Food Industry and Forestry of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, Zaklina Jurisic.

According to the Chamber data, 476 hectoliters of sparkling wine worth 683 million euros were exported in the first nine months of this year, while imports slowed down slightly and 12,800 hectoliters worth 7.9 million euros were imported.
Data for the first nine months show that the most exported were sparkling wines (211 hectoliters worth 546,000 euros), then sparkling fresh grape wines with protected trademark (146 hectares worth 64,000 euros) and other sparkling wines from fresh grapes (92 hectoliters, worth € 55,000).
In 2018, sparkling wine exports increased by 35 percent from 2017, from 748,000 euros to 1.08 million euros. Quantitatively, it is up from 324 hectoliters in 2017 to 441 hectoliters in 2018.

Traditionally, most sparkling wines is exported to the Netherlands (worth 346,500 euros), followed by Italy (178,100 euros) and Germany (140,300 euros). Interestingly, our fourth largest export market is Singapore, to which we exported sparkling wines worth 136,000 euros last year.

Imports, on the other hand, are of much higher quantities and value, so in 2018 sparkling wine imported were worth over 9 million euros, while in 2017 the value of imports was 7.6 million euros. This is an increase from 14,300 hectoliters to 17,900 hectoliters.

Most sparkling wines are imported from France (3.3 million euros), Italy (2.8 million euros) and Germany (1.1 million euros).

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