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300 new traffic cameras to be installed across Croatia Pixabay

300 new traffic cameras to be installed across Croatia

By  Dec 09, 2019

By 2025 Croatia Roads aims to install 300 cameras at different locations across the country. These cameras will, depending on the type of camera, be able to read license plates, identify accidents, detect cars passing through red traffic lights and carry out general traffic surveillance.

All information collected from these cameras will be made available to police, according to Croatia Roads. They explain that the purpose of video surveillance systems used in road traffic is to collect data on roads, road traffic and weather, with the aim of optimally managing traffic and increasing safety.

Croatian Roads says the image quality will be very high and the recording capacity will depend on the number of cameras and the quality of the data stored. The recorded material will be stored for a minimum of 48 hours.

The first phase of this project is expected to be completed next year, with cameras being installed in 40 locations.


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