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As many ATMs in Croatia as Japan and UK Pixabay

As many ATMs in Croatia as Japan and UK

By  Dec 06, 2019

Croatia has 140 ATMs per 100,000 inhabitants and over the past decade their number has more than doubled.

Dubrovnik has recently had a problem with the amount of ATMs inside the historic city walls and clearly Dubrovnik isn’t the only city drowning in these electronic bank machines. In fact, according to the latest figures the number of ATMs per 100,000 citizens throughout Croatia is at around the same level as Japan and the UK.

The recently published document "Contribution of Croatian Banks to Growth and Development 2019" highlighted the growing number of ATMs in the country. The publication also shows that although the number of bank machines has risen steadily the number of actual bank branches has continued to fall, there are now 32 bank branches per 100,000 citizens.

When it comes to credit cards, Croatia is also a leader amongst the newer EU members, with 35 percent of the population owning a card.


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