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Croatians might not need visas for US from the end of 2020 Shutterstock

Croatians might not need visas for US from the end of 2020

By  Dec 04, 2019

US Ambassador to the Republic of Croatia Robert Kohorst commented on the possibility of Croatia entering the program of abolishing US tourist visas for N1.

- The visa abolishing program depends, among other things, on the percentage of refusals being below three percent, which is counted on September 30th for the period of the previous 12 months. So, that calculation for this year will be made next September. If Croatia meets all other documentation, it will take another couple of months to complete the process. So the real possibility is that everything will be completed by the end of 2020 - Kohorst said for N1.

Asked if the only condition for Croatia to enter the program was a percentage of rejections, Kohorst explained that there are other conditions with which the Croatian government is familiar. He added that the government is working on them and it is expected that these conditions will be fulfilled by next September.

Although Croatia has been waiting to enter the program for years, Kohorst is optimistic. -I believe that if the Croatian government and our embassy are serious and focused, we can achieve that - he said for N1.

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