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Worrying number of Croatians is addicted to gambling

Written by  Dec 03, 2019

Only from December 2017 until today, the number of slot machines in Croatia has increased by as much as 2000 – 24 sata reports. According to the Tax Administration, there are now 10,718 slot machines in the entire country, while at the end of December last year there were 8797. 

Research shows that Croatians are more addicted to gambling than other Europeans. In Croatia, 2.2 percent are addicted, and in the EU, on average, the number of addicts ranges from half a percent to a maximum of two percent.

As 24 sata writes, five years ago, all gamblers paid a little more than 117 million kuna into the budget through profit tax, and last year it was even three times higher. In the first eight months of this year alone, the state budget made almost 237 million kuna, while the organizers of gaming paid almost 590 million kuna in fees.

Budget revenues from games of chance are one of the most significant revenues of the Croatian budget. When players' payroll taxes are added to the fees paid by game organizers, those revenues are much higher than for example, revenues from all concessions, or fines and administrative fees paid by Croatians. Last year, a total of 550 million kuna was disbursed from various fines and administrative measures, with taxes on gambling profits and event fees over 1.3 billion. In the first eight months of this year, a total of 290 million kuna was paid for all concessions in the country, and 237 million kuna was paid for gambling tax.

The state directs the proceeds to the development of sports, the fight against addiction, culture and similar things. Half of the annual fee paid by casinos goes to these purposes, as well as half of the annual fee paid by slot machines and others – 24 sata writes.

The casino has to pay a fee of half a million kuna a year, and the slot machine owner gives ten thousand kuna each year, and for electronic roulette up to six playgrounds, 40 thousand kuna. Betting profit has ten percent of tax if it does not exceed ten thousand kuna. For gains of between 10 and 30 thousand, the tax is 15 percent, with profits between 30 thousand and half a million, the tax is 20 percent, and any gain over half a million kuna is taxed at 30 percent – according to 24 sata.