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The number of foreign workers in Croatia grows

By  Dec 02, 2019

Due to increasing labor shortages, domestic and foreign employers in Croatia are increasingly reaching out to foreign workers - Zadarski list reports.

According to the latest figures from June this year, there is a lack of about 300 thousand workers in Croatia. If the trend of aging, as well as the migration of the population continues until 2050, there could be a million workers missing.

Apart from tourism, shortcomings are also visible in construction, so it is no longer surprising to see foreign workers at Croatian construction sites and restaurants and hotels, especially those from the far and middle east. Currently 24,115 foreign workers are employed in the construction sector in Croatia, out of which 500 come from Nepal, according to Zadarski list.

A group of Nepalese workers is now working on the reconstruction of a shopping center in Zadar.

Better working conditions are the reason for the increasing arrival of Nepalese workers to Croatia. For example, in Dubai and Qatar they work 13 to 14 hours a day for a monthly salary of only 1,500 to 2,000 kunas, and they only have one day off during the whole month. In addition, they point out that salaries in tourism are slightly better, but they are below the minimum in construction.

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